Apply to Live at Boardman Flats

Thank you for your interest in Boardman Flats. The first step to making Boardman Flats your home is to complete our application.
Each tenant must:

1. Complete this form. (Additional applicants, complete this form.)
2. Pay $30 Non-Refundable Application Fee
3. Provide 2 of the following:
Two (2) most recent pay stubs
Last year’s W2s
Tax return from current year
Four (4) most recent monthly bank statements
4. Submit a separate check in the amount of $200, which is applied to your move in costs. If your application is denied, we will return your check. If approved and you do not move in to Boardman Flats, you will forfeit your reservation fee.
All prospective tenants ages 18 and above must complete an application and be approved.
Upon application approval we will notify you and set up a time for the lease signing.